Best places to visit in Miami, Florida

Miami is one of the South Florida’s premier vacation destination. It has beautiful beaches, great weather, history culture, sports and entertainment. Downtown Miami is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay. There are many good places to go in Miami like Little Havana, Miami Beach, Everglade National park and many more . The list is very long and you would love to find the best interesting place to visit.

1. Everglade national park

Everton Glade national Park just a short drive from Miami protect one of Florida’s most unique natural features. These swim plants covering about 1.5 million acres, are home to alligators, crocodile , snakes and birds. If you are interested in visiting Everglades national Park then you can enjoy airboat adventures with transport half-day tour.

2. Bayside Market Place

Another must see place in Miami is Bayside market place. Bayside market place is a large outdoor style mall with more than 120 specialty iron tourist shops numerous cafés and restaurants and Daily live entertainment.

3. Miami Beach

It is the best interesting place to visit in Miami with your friends and family. Miami Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the city and one of the best places to visit in Miami overall. Miami Beach is the perfect beach for sunbathing and it is surrounded by countless restaurants and shops if you ever get bored with the water in the sun.

4. Ball and chain

A great interesting place to visit in mammy at night. It is one of the most popular bars in the world let alone in Miami . A historical venue where the musical legends have come to Play throughout the ages. The bar was first established in the 1930s and attracted some of the worlds greatest musical legends including Chet Baker, count Basie, and Billie Holiday.

5. South Beach

South Beach is one of the most must see place in Miami. South Beach is a wonderful stretch of clean sand that is wide enough to accommodate all the sun bathers and swimmers who crowded in summer. When you travel to Miami this is the place to see and be seen. the waters are also shallow and warm which makes it perfect for tourist and locals who aren’t strong swimmers.

6. Sugar

It is the most interesting place to visit in Miami for couples. It is an upscale bar with an amazing 360° view of the entire city. Sugar is a rooftop bar that has become one of the most popular Miami hotspot over the years mostly because of its amazingly views. The bar is on top of the hotel east and offers 360 views of the city. This makes it the tallest bar in Miami and secluded, garden settings just add to its ambience. It is one of the best place to go with someone whom you love and want to spend your evening with your partner.

7. Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of science

It is most interesting place to visit in Miami it is a fascinating educational Museum of science and a definite place to visit in Miami. It is one of the most innovative and up to date museum in the world. It is a great place for the kids to visit this museum. This museum spreads across 250,000 feet and occupies four buildings. in this museum do not forget to see the gulf stream aquarium where you will see a variety of strange and interesting sea creatures.

8. Azucar Ice Cream Company

Azucar ice Company is one of the best places to see in Miami. This location has some of the best and quirkiest ice cream flavors you will ever experience. Here you will also get a chance to experience a side of Cuban culture that you have probably never considered before. Cuban food and culture is a huge influence on Miami. And it’s influence is seen on its ice cream flavor. Some of the interesting flavors include guava and cream cheese. You will also get cake in same flavor.

9. Neptune memorial reef

Neptune memorial reef It’s definitely a most interesting and much to see players in Miami. This is a stunning and slightly creepy underwater city. This is an underwater memorial that was deliberately designed as a memorial to the dead. This memorial was created by artist Kim Brendel and opened in 2007. It was designed as an artificial reef, to give marine creatures a place to live close to the shore, butWhen you watch it you might actually think that it’s part of an abandoned drowned city.

10. Robert is here

This is an interesting place to visit in Miami. An exotic fruit stand that has been one of the hotspots in Miami for tourist and local alike. If you’re looking for tasty fruits or shakes you will find an incredibly wide variety of options at this stand.When you are in Miami you need to try as much as possible tropical fruit and that you can do at this place.

11. Little Havana

Little Havana is the Miami Cuban district with abundance of restaurants and specialty food stores again it is one of the most see and interesting place to visit in Miami. If you love your food and music Cuban style then this is the place to visit. The main Street in Little Havana is it is called Ocho but there are small streets leading of it.

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